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For more information on cosmetic surgery, please contact Dr. Paul LoVerme in Verona, New Jersey. Also serving the New York area.

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Breast Reconstruction

For women who have undergone a mastectomy, breast reconstruction surgery, offered at our Northern New Jersey office, can dramatically change their appearance and boost their self-esteem. As with all procedures performed at Loverme Center Plastic Surgery Center, Dr. LoVerme is able to produce extraordinarily natural looking, aesthetically pleasing results through breast reconstruction surgery. The breast reconstruction techniques we offer at the Loverme Center Plastic Surgery Center include:

Skin Expansion

Skin expansion is one of the most commonly used breast reconstruction techniques. Dr. LoVerme will make an incision within the armpit and insert an expander directly underneath the chest muscle. After the incision is sutured closed, Dr. LoVerme will inject a saline solution into the expander over a period of weeks. This process will stretch the skin to make room for a saline breast implant. The implant will replace the expander, and then a new nipple and areola will be constructed.

Flap Reconstruction

There are a variety of approaches to this type of breast reconstruction surgery that we offer at our Northern New Jersey practice. In the TRAM (transverse rectus abdominis muscle) flap procedure, Dr. LoVerme will create a flap of chest tissue from the abdominal region. The flap (which is comprised of fat, muscle and skin still attached to its blood supply) will act as a pocket for an implant or it can serve as the chest mound. There will be some horizontal scarring in a TRAM flap breast reconstruction; however, this procedure will also tighten the abdomen, much like a tummy tuck. In other flap reconstructions, Dr. LoVerme can take the flap from areas such as the thighs and buttocks.


Breast reconstruction surgery is a major surgery that usually requires several days in the hospital. However, post-operative follow-up appointments can generally be done on an outpatient basis. Patients may experience discomfort and swelling following breast reconstruction surgery, though these conditions can be managed with medication. Most of our patients usually return home from the hospital within five days of undergoing the procedure.

Please contact our breast reconstruction experts in Northern New Jersey to schedule a consultation.

Many of our patients travel from nearby towns seeking the expertise of Dr. Paul LoVerme. For your convenience, we have provided driving directions to our office from the following cities: