Brazilian Butt Lift

While celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez have popularized the prominent buttock, women have desired this shape for years. Recently, fat transfer has been improved and perfected to the point that it is now possible to create a better silhouette and more prominent “booty” with the Brazilian Butt Lift, performed by Dr. Paul LoVerme. Surgery can create a more youthful, perky buttock and a more sensual body profile using your own fat. So, if you want a larger, wider, higher, rounder, or more projecting buttock, this is the procedure for you.

bodyback3A Brazilian Butt Lift can address the cosmetic concerns of a variety of our patients at The LoVerme Center. This procedure can create rounder, fuller buttocks, as well as restore lost volume and reduce the sagging of skin and fat that naturally occurs with age.

The Brazilian Butt Lift procedure involves contouring the buttock and thigh area with liposuction and augmenting the buttocks with the fat that was suctioned. Fat can also be taken from other areas of the body, including the abdomen, back rolls, and hips. This procedure can ultimately provide you with a double-benefit: recontouring and renewing two areas of the body at the same time. It is usually performed at our in-office accredited surgical center under local anesthesia with sedation.

How Does it Work

Plastic surgeon Dr. LoVerme begins the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure by using liposuction to extract excess fat cells from the abdomen, lower back, inner and outer thighs, or hips. This allows the procedure to be truly custom-tailored to each individual’s unique needs. The buttock area is contoured before it is augmented. After the fat is removed, it is purified (removing any excess fluid) before being carefully re-injected into the area of the buttock targeted for treatment. Incisions used during the surgery are extremely small and resulting scarring is often barely noticeable.

The fat is not merely liposuctioned – Dr. LoVerme uses high-definition liposculpting to give superb results. Using the VASER ultrasonic cannulas, anatomical contouring is first performed, defining your sillouette and highlighting natural contours.

What to Expect

To be a candidate for the procedure, you must have an adequate amount of fat in a specific body area to successfully perform the transfer. After the procedure, you will wear a compression garment which extends from the mid-abdomen to the area just above your knees. The buttock area has much less compression and you will need to minimize all pressure on the buttocks for a period of about three weeks. Walking and performing minor exercise increases blood flow and should assist with the healing process and increase the percentage of fat that survives, leading to improved results.

Your result should be a more contoured and youthful appearance to the buttocks after this advanced treatment. Plus the results are known to last permanently in most cases. To learn more about how a Brazilian butt lift can help you achieve your cosmetic goals, please contact our office today.

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