LipoSelection® by VASER is the gentle, effective answer to concerns regarding the seemingly rough nature of liposuction. No more do physicians need to rely on the relatively harsh techniques traditional liposuction employs for targeting larger fat deposits. With LipoSelection®, plastic surgeon Dr. Paul LoVerme can focus on refining select areas and produce smoother results immediately. The healing process and bruising is decreased substantially too, allowing most patients to return to their daily life in just a couple of days.

95862518-vaser-liposuction-300x236LipoSelection® is a revolutionary fat removal procedure based on established principles of ultrasound technology. Ultrasound has been used for years to monitor pre-natal development, to ensure proper diagnosis of health issues, and more recently, to clean teeth. Now this same technology is used to safely trim unwanted bulges.

During the procedure, Dr. Loverme makes a tiny incision in the area of concern, and inserts a thin device that emits ultrasonic waves that are tuned specifically for this purpose. The energy from these sound waves breaks down the structure of fat cells into liquid form, which can then be removed through a small cannula tube. The precision of this technique is so fine that we can target sensitive areas such as the face and neck, as well as arms, back hips, abs, and legs. Important tissues such as nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue remain virtually undisturbed resulting in a beautiful, smooth surface.

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