Many women are affected by the appearance of cellulite, a condition which can be caused by a number of factors – including hormones, the natural aging process, and weight change. If you struggle with trying to get rid of cellulite and are looking for ways to achieve a smoother appearance to your skin, VASERsmooth may be the ideal solution for you. This revolutionary, minimally-invasive cellulite reduction treatment is designed to effectively reduce signs of cellulite in a procedure that requires little to no recovery time.

The VASERsmooth Procedure

legs9With VASERsmooth, our board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Paul LoVerme targets specific areas of cellulite with ultrasound technology. These ultrasonic waves work to to emulsify the fat cells that create cellulite’s “dimpled” appearance. During the VASERsmooth procedure, Dr. LoVerme makes a tiny incision in the treatment area and applies a numbing solution beneath the skin to minimize any discomfort. He then inserts an ultrasound probe into the target areas, which heats and liquefies the fat cells without harming surrounding skin. A special ultrasonic probe is used to cut the fibrous bands of tissue that create depressions on the skin.

This procedure is typically performed on an outpatient basis and often requires little downtime. The duration of the procedure depends on the size of the treatment areas and the amount of cellulite to be eliminated.

VASERsmooth vs. Cellulaze

Both of these procedures section the tight bands which cause the dimpling of the thighs & buttocks. Cellulaze uses laser energy while the VASER uses ultrasonic energy. Both modalities yield similar results and are dependent on the surgeon’s skill & expertise. These are the only modalities which can produce permanent cellulite reduction.

VASERsmooth can also be used in conjunction with VASER® LipoSelection as a comprehensive body contouring treatment designed to meet your individual goals.

For more information on the VASERsmooth cellulite reduction procedure at The LoVerme Center in New Jersey, please contact Dr. LoVerme today.

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