Breast Augmentation

As a board-certified plastic surgeon, I specialize in quick recovery breast augmentation. I began to use these techniques in 2001 and I have seen a dramatic improvement in my patient’s recovery. The quick recovery method allows patients to raise their hands over their heads in the recovery room and to return to 90% of their daily normal activity in one to two days. I see all patients within 24 hours after surgery and most come in with smiles on their faces. My mission has always been to provide comprehensive and compassionate care for my patients and this breast augmentation method reduces recovery time with minimal pain and a quick return to 90% of normal activity.I have been performing breast augmentation for over 25 years and the quick recovery breast augmentation method is only possible with expert, careful surgery and specialized instruments. There is less trauma, and therefore dramatically less pain and recovery time. Most patients are back to work within a few days.

When women come in for a consult with me, most have heard horror stories of friends with pain for one, two, or even three weeks, who were unable to raise their arms to do such things as comb their hair or wash their face. Therefore, it is extremely gratifying to hear patients tell me that they had almost no pain and that they are back to work, caring for their children, or going about their normal activity.
Dr. LoVerme

Quick Recovery Breast Augmentation

Although you may experience discomfort or sensitivity in the days after surgery, the rapid recovery approach relies on you doing daily stretches and exercises designed to reduce the degree of discomfort. In the past, traditional approaches to breast augmentation required patients to wait up to several weeks before feeling normal again. Now, with the benefit of Dr. Paul LoVerme’s quick recovery approach to breast augmentation, our patients are typically returning to daily life and enjoying their new look in a matter of days.

The Breast Augmentation Consult

The rapid recovery breast augmentation method begins at the time of the first consultation. After meeting with our coordinator, you will view a short video about breast augmentation surgery. Our plastic surgeon will review your medical history and do a full breast examination. Then, advances with 3-dimensional (3-D) photography, combined with revolutionary new software, will allow Dr. LoVerme to help you preview what you will look like as the result of your breast augmentation. The process starts with a VECTRA® 3-D session, which produces a 3-dimensional photograph of you. Then using Sculptor software, Dr. LoVerme is able to simulate the expected results of a variety of aesthetic procedures, including breast augmentation and breast lift. It creates a starting point for your aesthetic consultation. The 3-dimensional photograph is processed and displays a virtual model on the computer monitor. It can be rotated on the screen and viewed from almost any angle. The software then allows Dr. LoVerme to apply simulation tools that change the size, shape, and position of your breasts to achieve the desired appearance. He is also able to insert specific breast implants to give a realistic idea of what the final result will be. You will be able to try on implants in a bra for a simulation of size and shape.

Following a detailed discussion with you and the physical examination, trying on implants, and 2-D and 3-D photography with breast implant simulation, Dr. LoVerme will develop a customized surgical plan based on your desires and anatomy. All of your questions will be answered, including those about implant type, shape, size, position, and incision placement.

Through a recommendation from a friend/co-worker I decided to go and have a consultation with Dr. Loverme. I went in March of 2016. Through our in depth consultation pictures were taken with 3-D imagining helping me to get a better sense of the work that would need to be done. During the consultation I was very impressed that Dr. Loveme truly listened to me and what I was trying to achieve with my breast lift/augmentation. Before I even left that day, I booked my surgery for April 27. Here I am 12 weeks post op and I can’t not even express how thrilled I am with my results!! Since the age of 19 after a significant weight loss, then 2 pregnancies and breast feeding, my breast were a huge self esteem issue for years. Now at 47 I finally have breasts that I wished I had.

Dr. Loverme and his entire staff are courteous, & professional. The office and surgery center is inviting and clean. I would highly recommend Dr. Loverme in my eyes and anyone who has seen my results…he has gifted hands!

Kelly Guarino

July 18, 2016


TouchMD at Home

mytouch-mdFollowing your consultation, we will upload the breast augmentation video, your 2-D and 3-D photos, before-and-after patient photographs, and your own computer simulations, to a secure portal on TouchMD, which you may review in the privacy of your home.

The Breast Augmentation Procedure

Breast augmentation is typically performed at our AAAASF-accredited, office-based Surgical Suite. The procedure usually requires one to two hours and is done on an outpatient basis. Breast augmentation is most commonly performed under local anesthesia with intravenous conscious sedation (IVCS). You are usually awake and ready to leave the facility within an hour after your surgery is completed.

The Keller Funnel

To remain at the forefront of our field, The LoVerme Center has a history of commitment to adopting some of the latest plastic surgery technologies. The Keller Funnel™ is one of our newer tools, giving our breast augmentation patients an additional approach to achieve the exceptional results they expect from our practice. Dr. LoVerme is Keller Funnel™ Certified, providing our patients with an innovative method of implant delivery. The main benefits of using the Keller Funnel™ include:

  • Reduced incision lengths
  • Less visible scarring
  • Added options for incision placement
  • Minimized risk for implant damage

With the Keller Funnel™, Dr. LoVerme is able to perform silicone gel breast augmentation using a smaller incision that is similar in size to those used for saline implants. Because the incision required for placement is smaller, there are also more ways in which the scar can be concealed – an advantage particularly beneficial for women who scar easily. In addition, the Keller Funnel™ technique exerts less force on the implant during the procedure, placing less pressure on the implant shell and reducing the risks of post-operative complications. This “no-touch” implant technique also minimizes the chances of capsular contracture (excessive scar tissue forming around the implant) while increasing patient comfort during the recovery period.

Placement of Breast Implants

Breast implants can be placed either over or under the chest muscle. Dr. LoVerme will discuss which option will be better for your particular situation. He will also go over the best incision location and incision type in order to minimize the appearance of post-operative scars.


Quick Recovery Method

A comprehensive pre-operative consultation, 3-D imaging, expert, careful, no-touch technique surgery, use of the Keller Funnel™, unique post-operative exercises, and smaller incisions allows Dr. LoVerme to achieve his goal for you:

  1. To make every outcome positive.
  2. Every result expected.
  3. Every experience pleasurable and comfortable.

Breast Augmentation Results

Age: 20 / Ht: 5’3” / Wt: 125 lbs
339 cc Implants

Breast Augmentation FAQs

Patients typically have many questions for Dr. LoVerme before deciding to undergo breast augmentation. To provide you with as much helpful information as possible, we have included many of Dr. LoVerme’s answers to common questions about breast augmentation and breast implants:

Q: Am I a good candidate for breast augmentation?

A: Ideal candidates for breast augmentation are in good overall health and seek to add volume to the breasts. Dr. LoVerme will perform a physical exam to make sure you are healthy enough for surgery and that breast augmentation is the best procedure for achieving your unique goals. Some patients who seek to address sagging of the breasts may benefit more from a breast lift, while others may benefit from a breast lift with implants. Oftentimes, mothers will choose breast augmentation as one component of a more comprehensive Mommy Makeover.

Q: Am I too old for breast augmentation?

A: Over the past few years, more and more women between 35 and 60 years old have sought to improve the appearance of their breasts. They usually want to return their breasts to the size and shape they had in the years BC (before children). However, many of these women commonly ask: “Do older women really get breast implants?” Perhaps it’s not talked about like it is among women 21-30, but breast surgery among older women is just as common. Statistics from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reveal that 49% of women undergoing breast augmentation are over 35 and nearly 15% are over 50. In addition, 75% of breast lifts and 59% of breast reductions are performed on women over 35.

Q: How do I choose the right shape/size breast implant?

A: During the consultation process, Dr. LoVerme will carefully review your cosmetic goals and use VECTRA® 3-D imaging technology to help determine which size, shape, and implant type can best meet your needs. These realistic 3D images can give you a preview of the results you can achieve with breast augmentation. A special bra that allows you to “try on” implants can also help you make an informed decision.

Q: Do breast implants interfere with pregnancy?

A: Breast implants have a soft silicone shell filled with either saline or silicone gel. Many implanted medical devices are made from this same non-reactive material. Breast implants do not harm or pose a risk to normal pregnancy. In addition, while the breasts will usually increase in size during pregnancy, this process does not involve or affect the implants themselves. Augmented breasts are more resistant to the loss of volume and shape that often accompany pregnancy and breastfeeding. Because the augmented breasts maintain more of their volume (the implant volume does not decrease), women with implants are less likely to see drastic changes.

Q: Do breast implants interfere with breastfeeding?

A: Most women can breastfeed following breast augmentation. While some may supplement with formula (this is common in women without implants as well), none of the incisions should prevent breastfeeding. Implant placement under the muscle allows for an extra layer of protection between the implants and the milk ducts, better mammograms, and a more natural look and feel.

Q: How much does breast augmentation cost?

A: Since each breast augmentation is customized to meet the individual patient’s needs, there is no one exact price for the procedure. The final cost will take into account a number of variables, including implant type, size, surgical technique, surgeon and anesthesiologist fees, as well as post-operative medications. At the completion of your pre-operative consultation, Dr. LoVerme will be able to provide you with an accurate quote for the cost of your breast augmentation. Our office also offers a number of financing options for patients who are seeking a method of payment that works comfortably within their budget.

If you are interested in learning more about breast augmentation, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with Dr. LoVerme.

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