Breast Implants and Pregnancy

Things You Must Know

  • Implants do not interfere with pregnancy.
    Breast implants have a soft silicone shell filled with either saline or silicone gel. Many implanted medical devices are made from this same non-reactive material. Breast implants do not harm or pose a risk to normal pregnancy.
  • Pregnancy does not interfere with implants.
    While the breasts will usually increase in size during pregnancy, this process does not involve or affect the implants themselves.
  • Most women can breastfeed following breast augmentation.
    While some may supplement with formula, this is common in women without implants as well. None of the incisions prevent breastfeeding. Implant placement under the muscle allows for an extra layer of protection between the implants and the milk ducts, better mammograms, and a more natural look and feel.
  • What happens after pregnancy?
    Augmented breasts are more resistant to the loss of volume and shape that often accompany pregnancy and breastfeeding. Because the augmented breasts maintain more of their volume (the implant volume does not decrease), women with implants are less likely to see drastic changes.
  • Breast augmentation after pregnancy.
    Breast augmentation following pregnancy and breastfeeding can restore shape and fullness to the breasts. While an augmentation may be all that is necessary, many women need adjustments in shape as well as size. Some require lifting (mini, moderate or full). Only a surgeon with training and experience in all aspects of surgery of the breast is qualified to assess and treat these needs. Dr. Paul LoVerme listens to your concerns and develops an individualized plan for you to increase the likelihood of an outstanding result.
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