Inverted Nipple Correction

Nipples that project inward rather than outward can affect the aesthetics of the breast and one’s overall self-esteem. This condition can also affect breastfeeding. Dr. Paul LoVerme offers a procedure that can reverse the lack of projection of the nipples without cutting nerves and the milk-ducts, so that patients can maintain nipple sensitivity and the ability to breastfeed. The procedure can also enhance the natural beauty of a woman’s breasts, restoring self-confidence in the process. Inverted nipple correction can also be beneficial to male patients and men who suffer from gynecomastia. The procedure is usually performed on an outpatient basis and involves only a brief recovery time. Although inverted nipple correction can be performed to help with breastfeeding complications, there is no way to guarantee its effectiveness in such cases.

Age: 57, 2 children

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