BOTOX® Cosmetic

BTXC-colorWhen the muscles of the face contract, the surface skin can wrinkle, making you appear fatigued, angry, or older than your actual age. This type of line or crease is known as a dynamic wrinkle, which can be caused by overactive facial muscles that remain contracted involuntarily. Although Botulinum Toxin A has been used in medicine for over thirty years, the injection of BOTOX® Cosmetic to treat wrinkles has become one of the most sought after cosmetic procedures in America, and our office. BOTOX® Cosmetic can effectively smooth dynamic wrinkles for a more youthful complexion.

What Is BOTOX® Cosmetic?

BOTOX® Cosmetic is a nonsurgical injectable product designed to reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles. FDA-approved in 2002 for cosmetic use, this injectable neuromodulator can be particularly appealing to those who want a more youthful appearance but do not want to undergo facial plastic surgery.

What Concerns Can BOTOX® Cosmetic Treat?

BOTOX® Cosmetic can address a number of common signs of facial aging, including:

  • Horizontal forehead creases
  • Vertical lines between the eyebrows
  • Crow’s feet
  • Frown lines

For patients who have additional lines, wrinkles, or creases that cannot be diminished with BOTOX® Cosmetic, a dermal filler such as JUVÉDERM® or Radiesse® may also be used to create smoother skin. Paul LoVerme, MD customizes each injectable treatment plan to meet the patient’s unique needs.

BOTOX® Cosmetic vs. Dysport®

BOTOX® Cosmetic and Dysport® are both injectable neurotoxins that use botulinum toxin type A to temporarily inhibit the contraction of overactive facial muscles. The differences between these two neuromodulators are minimal. In some cases, Dysport® may be more effective for the treatment of crow’s feet or forehead wrinkles. BOTOX® Cosmetic may be more effective for some patients when targeting the wrinkles of the lower face. Dr. LoVerme will carefully discuss your cosmetic concerns during your initial consultation and recommend which injectable or combination of injectables are best suited for achieving your goals.

How Does BOTOX® Cosmetic Work?

Botulinum toxin type A is the active ingredient in BOTOX® Cosmetic. Botulinum toxin can be formed by bacteria in contaminated food and is poisonous when consumed; however, scientists discovered that this toxin, which acts by paralyzing muscles, could be diluted and used for a number of beneficial medical applications. The most popular use for BOTOX® is the treatment of facial wrinkles. By preventing overactive facial muscles from contracting, the appearance of dynamic wrinkles can diminish.

How Is the BOTOX® Cosmetic Procedure Performed?

BOTOX® Cosmetic is injected into the treatment area using a fine gauge needle. Our plastic surgeon performs the procedure by carefully injecting a BOTOX® Cosmetic solution into appropriate facial muscles. A topical numbing agent can be used to help ensure patient comfort during treatment. BOTOX® injections are an outpatient procedure, relatively painless, and can be completed in just 10-15 minutes. Patients who opt for a numbing agent will have their treatment time extended by fifteen minutes.

How Long Does BOTOX® Cosmetic Last?

In 2-10 days, the BOTOX® Cosmetic paralyzes specific facial muscles, relaxing the skin and reducing the appearance of wrinkles. The results of BOTOX® Cosmetic typically last three to six months. Patients who wish to maintain their results can easily schedule touchup treatment sessions.

35 years old – Treated with 40 units of BOTOX®

Is BOTOX® Cosmetic Safe?

There are few risks involved, and side effects are rare. Some patients will notice temporary redness at the injection site or minor bruising. In rare cases, facial asymmetry may occur. Choosing an experienced plastic surgeon for your BOTOX® Cosmetic injections can minimize the risk for undesirable results. When comparing the minimal risks with the potential benefits, it is easy to see why BOTOX® injections have become so popular.

How Much Does BOTOX® Cosmetic Cost?

The cost of BOTOX® Cosmetic will depend upon the number of treatment areas, the size of the treatment areas, and the severity of facial wrinkling. At the conclusion of your consultation with Dr. LoVerme, he will provide you with the price of your custom BOTOX® Cosmetic treatment plan. To offer our patients flexible financing options, The LoVerme Center works with several third-party lending companies, including CareCredit® and Prosper™ Healthcare Lending.