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    Each of these operating room nurses, or a member of their family, has had cosmetic or reconstructive surgery performed by Dr. LoVerme. After working closely with him, they chose Dr. LoVerme for his artistic and surgical skills.

    I had a top of the line surgical experience at The LoVerme Center! This practice is patient friendly and very well organized. Patient Care Coordinator, Lisa Parla, guided me through the pre-surgery process. She and Dr. LoVerme were flexible and accommodating as I was coming in from out of state. I was given a comprehensive patient care handbook that detailed every aspect of the mid-face lift procedure. Dr. LoVerme took the time to understand my concerns and his extensive surgical experience and expertise gave me every confidence about a great result. Most of the nurses have been with Dr. LoVerme for many years and the entire staff is caring and helpful. I will be returning here for my future cosmetic tune-ups! Sincerely, an appreciative and younger looking patient

    The staff is always courteous, professional and makes you feel right at home every visit. Dr. LoVerme thoroughly explained the facelift procedure in detail. The office team was generous with their time and answered all of my questions and concerns. I highly recommend Dr. LoVerme for all cosmetic procedures especially facelifts. I am pleased with the results and would return for other cosmetic treatments.
    T.G., Stroudsburg, PA

    Dear Dr. LoVerme – I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful experience at your office. Everyone was so kind and made the process a lot easier. At first, I was hesitant to go through with the nose job procedure because I am young, but I knew I was in the right hands once we met. Also, since my mom had trusted you to perform the same procedure more than fifteen years ago I was much less anxious. A big part of helping me through the process was the way you, the nurses, and everyone at your office made me feel. I was always so relaxed and happy as I entered and left the building. I felt safe and secure through the procedure. All in all, I am much more comfortable in my own skin now thanks to you. P.S. – I managed to go through soccer season without damaging my nose with a soccer ball, despite one time where I thought I got a bloody nose from being hit in the face, but all is well!

    Dr. LoVerme – I don’t know what made you decide to go into plastic surgery, but I thank God that you did. I am so very happy to have met you. Today is my 25th birthday. Thank you for the lovely pair of birthday gifts.
    T.C., Norwood, NJ

    Dr LoVerme – with sincere appreciation for your kindness and care I wish you could have heard all the praise for your fine work.
    S.F.,Nutley, NJ

    I would like to thank you for your time, honesty and confidentiality. The fact that you are concerned about my personal relationship with my husband meant a great deal to me. This revealed how caring you are as a person and a physician. I know that you take great pride in your work and rightfully so. You have a true gift.
    G.M.,Nutley, NJ

    My Flawless BOTOX® forehead looks fantastic.
    R.G., Englewood, NJ

    I cannot thank you enough for helping me, through the transformations of my body and allowing me to regain a lot of the self-confidence I lost along the way.
    R. S., Little Falls, NJ

    Many thanks not only for your wisdom and superior skills but also for the courteous manner and sincere concern. It is certainly uplifting (no pun intended) to know doctors and assistants of your caliber are available and I’m grateful I had the good fortune to have been in your care!
    M. S., Woodbridge, NJ

    Thank you for making my liposuction operation so easy and worry-free. It has been almost 6 months when you should see the full effect of the operation. Well! Let me tell you, I look Fantastic, feel better physically and mentally too. I have lost 13 pounds already. The operation gave me the incentive not to eat so much. Even my ObGyn was impressed! This is one of the best things that I have ever done for myself.
    L.C., Verona, NJ

    Well it is a year since I had my reconstruction and moved to Florida. I finally found a doctor for my general check-ups. She told that my breast reconstruction is one the best she has ever seen.
    E.G.,Stewart, FL

    I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your excellent care. The breast reduction was a complete success. I have had other doctors comment on what a good job you did and I would agree. If you would like photos of your work next time I’m in NJ, I would be happy to allow you have them. Really, I am amazed.
    R. C., San Francisco, CA

    And I couldn’t be more pleased with how the surgery turned out. It looks great and exceeded my own expectations. It’s obvious you are extremely talented and have a gift for what you do.
    S. C., Montclair, NJ

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, Mary Lynn, and your stuff for the extraordinary care provided to me during my recent surgery and recovery period. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results and I credit you with substantially changing my life for the better.
    K. T., Nutley, NJ

    I want you to know that my daughter is very pleased with the outcome of her surgery and now looks at girls who are overly endowed and has said to me that she is so happy that she had it done. She loves her new shape and wears her clothes well now.
    M. M., Sea Girt, NJ

    Thank you for making my experience here at your office a pleasant one. I was very reluctant to seek assistance from another surgeon after being only moderately pleased with my last two operations. For personal reasons, I was even more reluctant to see a male professional. I’m glad now that I made the choice to see you for consultation and the go through with the surgery. You have a most pleasant and supportive staff. I know if I ever need any other services that your office provides, I will definitely return!

    Thank you for the spectacular job that you did on my “tummy tuck” as well as proportioning my body accordingly. I will never be able to explain the difference of my self esteem and I owe it all to you and your staff.

    Just thank you for an uplifting experience! I Absolutely could not be happier with what you did for me. The results are so natural and so perfect- it’s great to look at myself and smile.
    B. D., Maplewood, NJ

    I love my BOTOX®.
    J. W., Jersey City, NJ

    My sincerest “thanks” cannot fully express how truly grateful I am to you. Your skillful hands and your kind nature helped me achieve a pain free daily existence. In addition, you have increased my self confidence and improved my general outlook with respect to my self image. My back and neck do not hurt, I can wear normal bras and tops, I can exercise freely and most of all I am happy when I look in the mirror. For all of this I am grateful to you and your staff and I say thank you.

    Many people questioned my desire for breast reduction surgery but despite my apprehension about surgery in general, I felt confident after meeting you and your staff. I would make this decision again in a minute with only you as my surgeon. The impact that this surgery has had on my life is remarkable. I would encourage anyone to pursue plastic surgery with you and your staff. To you and your staff I offer a heart-felt and sincere thank you!
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