Are you aware of your Breast Implant Warranties?

Picture-3-300x134Patients with breast implants can expect to replace the implants at some point, either due to device failure or because of body changes; weight gain/loss, aging and gravity all have their effects on the appearance of your implants. It’s nice to know that, unlike orthopedic companies, which do not offer warranties on knee or hip replacements, both Allergan and Mentor Corp. (whom combined sell 99% of all breast implants in the United States) offer lifetime replacements on their failed implants. As both Allergan and Johnson & Johnson (owner of Mentor Corp.) are huge multinational companies, patients with these implants have a good deal of security if their devices fail and they need replacements.

Neither Mentor nor Allergan covers all the costs associated with the replacement of their implants, but they do have a fairly generous standard program:

  • 10 years of guaranteed financial assistance
  • Up to $2400 in out-of-pocket expenses for surgical fees, operating room and anesthesia expenses not covered by insurance
  • Silicone filled and saline filled breast implants are both covered
  • Lifetime product replacement
  • Automatic enrollment at the time of your original surgery

If a saline implant breaks, you can usually up-grade to a silicone for a modest cost (about $400 per implant).

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