Are You Practicing Safe Sun?

You’ve gotten the shopping done-bathing suits, sunglasses, shorts, killer sandals and beach badges. Sunscreen??

One of the most important things you can do for yourself and your family this summer is to use sunscreen. The sun is dangerous. Yes, dangerous! Repeated sun exposure can cause skin cancer, brown spots and (OMG!) wrinkles. Sun protection is even more important for men. In fact, men over 50 are more than twice as likely to develop basal and squamous cell skin cancers. Men are spending more time in the sun than women, but are less likely to use sunscreen. The combination of exposure and neglect is especially dangerous when it comes to melanoma. I’ve operated on 2 men with melanoma on the ear in the month of June!

Doctors worldwide recommend: Protect. Prevent. Correct. Get Checked.

Protect – Did I mention Sunscreen? Skinceuticals makes it so easy, they offer silky, sheer Physical Fusion SPF 50 in tinted and untinted. It is so light that you can use it as your base. If you think SPF 50 is too high, think again. They also make a SPF 30 and a sport SPF 45. All have transparent zinc oxide and protect against UVA & UVB. And don’t forget to put it on your ears – probably the most forgotten area when applying sunscreen.

Prevent – Antioxidants. Even the best sunscreens can’t block all the damaging free radicals from the sun. SkinCeuticals C-serums and Phloretin are clinically proven to prevent environmental aging. And used together with sunscreen – WOW – it’s the ultimate protection.

Correct – Retin-A, hydroquinones (Obagi Clear and Blender), Phyto corrective gel and pigment regulator. Speak to Dr LoVerme or our certified aestheticians about which is best for you.

Get Checked – If you have something suspicious call our office. I’ll take a look.

July Sunscreen Special

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Remember to promote optimal skin health. I’d like to hear from all my patients about how they are practicing “safe sun” this year.

– Dr. Paul LoVerme

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