Which Male Breast Reduction Technique Offers the Best Contour?

shutterstock_132719939When treating gynecomastia via male breast reduction surgery, excision of excess glandular tissue and fat removal through high-definition contouring techniques are often combined to achieve optimal results. In fact, of the hundreds of male breast reduction surgeries I have performed at my practice, the majority of men have required some degree of glandular tissue removal in conjunction with VASER LipoSelection® – an innovative liposuction technique that I use for strategic removal and contouring of fat. Because VASER LipoSelection®  evenly removes and resculpts fat deposits, I have more defining control over the end result, which should appear smooth and muscular. This most common method of fat removal and contouring I use during gynecomastia surgery, and the technique can be performed through a small incision that can be well hidden in each armpit.

In addition to LipoSelection®, the majority of men also require the excision of some breast tissue that lies underneath the nipple. To best accomplish this, I make a periareolar incision (a small incision along the nipple) through which glandular breast tissue can be accessed and removed. The breast tissue is located directly below the nipple, so this small incision offers unobstructed access. Additionally, the periareolar incision typically heals well and results in an inconspicuous scar. I am careful to remove the right amount of breast tissue to maintain a smooth contour to the chest. Removing too much or all of the breast tissue can result in an undesirable concave or “divoted” appearance.

Ultimately, the specific male breast reduction technique used to treat gynecomastia will be dependant upon your unique needs. For this reason, it is imperative that you see a board certified plastic surgeon who has extensive experience in male breast reduction techniques with both excision surgery and high definition body contouring to help ensure you receive the safest, most effective treatment possible.

Dr. Paul LoVerme

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