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At The LoVerme Center, we are committed to using a combination of art and science to achieve beautiful cosmetic results – and this commitment begins during the initial consultation. Using the innovative technology provided by TouchMD, our plastic surgeon, Dr. Paul LoVerme, can display information about our wide array of cosmetic treatments in an interactive multi-media format. TouchMD improves doctor-patient communication during the consultation process, but also allows patients to access that information from their own electronic devices after the consultation has ended. This increased availability of information helps patients remember the details of their consultation, gives them the opportunity to review this information with their loved ones, and can ultimately lead to well-informed decisions about their personal health.

Dr. LoVerme believes that one of the keys to successful treatment outcomes is clear and open doctor-patient communication. When patients are able to articulate their questions and aesthetic goals with ease, Dr. LoVerme is able make better treatment recommendations and deliver results that align with his patients’ expectations. For these reasons, The LoVerme Center is invested in continually improving patient education through resources such as TouchMD. TouchMD’s user-friendly touch-screen technology, endorsed by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), includes features such as:

    • Practice information
    • Animated procedure demonstrations
    • Photo galleries of real patient results
    • Pre-operative and post-operative care information
    • Personalized TouchMD web portal for home access

TouchMD can also be accessed in the exam room, allowing patients to turn any downtime into an opportunity to more fully explore treatment options, associated risks and benefits, and a record of past results at The LoVerme Center.

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