VECTRA® – Sculpt My Dream® 3D Simulator

vectra-imaging-300x225The LoVerme Center’s commitment to technology enables us to provide comprehensive care that often yields exceptional results. With the introduction of VECTRA® 3D Imaging to our practice, breast augmentation patients—as well as patients interested in body and facial procedures—are now able to see computer-generated simulations of their potential results during the consultation process. The Sculpt My Dream® software allows patients to view the possible results of various implant types and techniques offered by Dr. Paul LoVerme. Canfield’s Sculptor™ software allows patients to see how both major and minor changes will affect the overall look of their face and/or body. VECTRA® 3D Imaging also significantly improves the quality of doctor-patient communication and allows Dr. LoVerme to design a treatment plan that best fits each patient’s needs. These custom-tailored surgical approaches based on patient feedback can ultimately lead to increased patient satisfaction.

BreastSculptor capture with VECTRA-xt-RGBThe VECTRA® 3D technology uses a three-dimensional image of your face or body, created with multiple cameras, to render a realistic model. This initial image is then adjusted by Dr. LoVerme to reflect the changes each procedure would yield, taking into account your individual and unique face and body proportions. The main advantage of this innovative technology is that patients are able to virtually “try on” various cosmetic changes before making their final decisions. By viewing the potential results of a breast augmentation, facial enhancement procedure, or body contouring treatment, patients are often better able to choose the surgery type and technique that can best achieve the cosmetic results they desire. Patients can even view the photos at home in TouchMD to review with a loved one. While no technology can claim to predict results with 100 percent accuracy, the VECTRA® imaging system can go a long way in giving patients a general idea of the outcome and help them visualize potential results.

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